Traeger – Apple Pellets


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Best wood pellets for vegetables, pork, chicken, and baked goods.

To master the sport of cooking outdoors, natural hardwood is a game changer. We’ve dedicated over 30 years to establishing the recipe for pure, natural flavor from 100% hardwood, gathered from all over the U.S. Traeger’s premium blend of hardwoods have the compressed cell structure necessary for a balanced, dependable burn. With Traeger Apple pellets, you’ll get a light, slightly fruity smoke flavor that will naturally enhance Veggies, Pork, and Chicken.

  • 20 lb bag
  • Made in USA


  • Quality of product
  • 100% all-natural hardwood
  • Traeger-owned mills in the USA
  • Wood-fired taste
  • Smoke Science

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Traeger – Apple Pellets

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Traeger Pellets – Apple 20 lb. bag PEL318

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